Jan 29, 2010

Night Out

It was potluck dinner last night!!! Actually it wasn’t really potluck, two of us cooked and the rest just ate. No, its not that they don’t offer to cook, but its just better if they don’t! I’m slightly scared of the repercussions, so I won’t take their names.

So it was Pizza and Pasta night. My friend made us these lovely pizzas and I made penne in a white sauce and a potato side dish to go with it. It’s the simplest easiest potato recipe ever and tastes great too (anything with butter in it tastes great, doesn’t it?) You’ll notice that there is too much sauce in the pasta but I love it when its all gooey and cheesy!!

Ya, she made the pizzas. Sorry but the pizzas were over before I realized I should take a picture :P
Will share the recipe when i make them myself...

Well, her only contributions were the compliments she dished out!!!

All in all, a great night!! There’s nothing like sharing a good meal with your friends, right?

Potatoes in garlic

1) Boil potatoes and chop them into bite=sized pieces.

2) Add some butter to a pan (adding a few drops of olive oil will keep the butter from burning). Put in the peeled and chopped garlic. Keep the pieces big so you can pick them out before serving the dish.

3) Add potatoes and season with dried basil and thyme. Salt to taste. And….

Hope u enjoy it as much I do 


michelle said...

just go to lcb already...!!!

shanthi said...

Potatoes in any form is wonderful. Keep rocking