Aug 16, 2010

Bloggers Night Out

A couple of weeks ago I got a mail from the lovely Rushina. Before this I only knew her from her blog A Perfect Bite. She was trying to put together an event to get together all the food bloggers from Bombay. This would possibly be the first of such an event. I almost jumped in excitement because I really wanted to meet the people behind these wonderful blogs!

We were all invited to Fifty Five East at the Hyatt.It is a casual dining restaurant with interactive kitchens. They offer Thai, Sushi, Lebanese, Western and Indian specialties. I had heard good things about the place so I was really looking forward to going there. Although it's supposed to be a buffet it doesn't function as one. Most of the food is made in single serve portions once you order it (Sushi, steak etc). But what really caught my eye was the dessert section. They had a great variety- all the usual suspects but a lot of fruit based ones as well.

But the highlight of the evening was of course all the wonderful people I met! I had interacted with a few of them before and really looked forward to meeting them. They were a charming lot. We had a fantastic evening getting to know each other and chatting about our favorite topic-food. It was great to meet Vikram Doctor who is one of our finest food writers. But I must say that a couple of hours was just not enough, we were too many of us and too little time! I really do hope that we have more of these get- togethers because not only is it a lotta fun but a learning experience as well. All these bloggers have been around way longer than me and I'm sure they have a lot of tips to share!

                                                          Images courtesy Jyotika

Here's a list of all the fantastic blogs-

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Shaheen said...

Was sooo nice to finally meet you! :)